Launching Paradigma

Today, I’m very excited to share that I am launching Paradigma, a new company that provides educational and advisory services focused on digital assets and distributed consensus systems. This also (sadly!) means that I am leaving my full-time position in academia at the University of Cambridge. I have spent nearly three wonderful years at the […]

Thoughts on Writing

I don’t like writing I don’t like writing. Period. I really don’t like it. I like to think and reason about particular topics, but have often been unable to express these thoughts in written form. This has changed with Twitter – granted, but here I’m specifically talking about other media. Why is that the case? […]

A Note On Censorship Resistance

TL;DR Cryptocurrencies have been designed to provide censorship resistance – the ability to do things others wouldn’t let you do. This property comes at a substantial cost, which may outweigh the benefits for many use cases. What is censorship resistance? Censorship resistance is one of those terms that keep floating around the cryptocurrency space for […]