Hi there!

I’m Michel.

I like researching Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains, among other things.

Yes, that also involves distributed ledgers and cryptoassets; but given the multitude of conflicting definitions and categorisation attempts, these terms are subject to different interpretations – and will likely remain for quite some time.

That’s me a few years ago at Park Güell when I was living in Barcelona for a while

I am currently leading the cryptocurrency and blockchain research programme at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, an academic research centre at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

That’s me as well, this time Cambridge-compliant (just kidding)

Besides that, I’m also spending some time thinking about different schools of economic thought, global finance, geopolitics, and history. I also like Italian wine and cheese.

I am from Luxembourg, a small multicultural gem in the middle of Europe. I speak three languages (German, French, Spanish) in addition to my mother tongue Luxembourgish (no, that’s not a dialect!) and English.

I hold a Bachelor in Economics from HEC Lausanne (Switzerland) and a Master in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management (France). After graduating, I joined the CCAF on a full-time basis in September 2016 and have been leading our blockchain research since late 2017.

2011 – 2013
BSc Economics

2013 – 2014
Academic Exchange

2014 – 2016
Master in International Business (MIB)
2016 – 2017
Research Assistant

2017 – Present Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Lead